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Air Conditioner AC repair & AC Installation

Air Conditioner AC repair

Best Air Conditioner AC repair & AC Installation services

Summers in Dubai are extremely hot and humid, therefore good working conditions of an AC is regarded as one of the most important aspects to beat the heat.  If you are facing AC issues at your home or office or apartment and looking for an instant AC Repair & AC Installation Services at your doorstep, then you are just a Call away to let our expert technicians. They take care of the issues and put your mind at ease. We have a highly professionalized team for servicing, maintenance and troubleshooting the problems with all kinds of air conditioners such as Ductable split, Decorative Split, Chillers, AHU, FCU, etc.

Our services include in this domain:

  • AC Servicing
  • AC Repair
  • AC Technical Inspection
  • AC Wiring and Fan Installation
  • Fridge fixation or repair
  • Dismantling the AC unit
  • Reinstalling the AC unit
  • AC Duct Cleaning 
  • AC Filter Cleaning & Change
  • AC Drain Pipe & Duct Repair
  • AC Gas Top up 
  • Gas refilling